Deep Cleaning (SRP)  in Coral Springs

Deep cleaning basically refers to a procedure that is performed by your dentists in order to treat different types of gum problems and periodontal diseases. This is basically done when a person has missed his or her regular appointment with the dentists that should ideally occur at least twice a year

Why do you need deep cleaning?

  • Using a probe, if a dentist sees that gum pockets have formed, then he would use the deep-cleaning technique to cure this periodontal problem.
  • After performing an X-ray on your teeth, if the dentist sees that there is a bone loss, then he would advise deep cleaning.

  • Inflammation of gums might indicate gum diseases and calls for deep cleaning.

Post-treatment care

Deep cleaning can broadly be divided into two categories, which are scaling and root planing. Scaling involves tartar and plaque removal from teeth followed by a root planning. Post the treatment, bacteria inside the pocket would be removed and in the next few weeks, your gums would become much healthier with each passing day. You would also need to take proper care of the teeth by following the regular dental hygiene schedules. Brush properly twice a day followed by flossing and mouth wash. Try to avoid sweet and sticky food. Do not forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year to ensure the state of your oral health.

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Benefits of deep cleaning

Some of the benefits offered by deep clening would include:

  • It would prevent all types of gum diseases
  • It would help in improving your overall oral health
  • It would help you prevent tooth loss
  • The procedure would give you a bright smile

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