A radiant, white smile makes a great first impression on others and is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. However, teeth can become stained and darkened due to smoking, drinks such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine and also because of the ageing process. Teeth whitening treatments have been around for decades, but in the past results have not always been successful. Now, with the latest Philips Zoom! professional whitening treatments you can achieve immediate results, with teeth whitened by several shades in under one hour.

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Zoom! In-Office Whitening System

This revolutionary whitening treatment is very effective, safe and fast. Teeth can be whitened by 6 to 10 shades in just one appointment.

After a short preparation to protect your lips and gums, Zoom! whitening gel is applied to teeth. The gel is a pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide that penetrates the teeth to remove discoloration and deep staining.

Whitening is accelerated by exposure to the WhiteSpeed lamp.

The procedure is completed with a five-minute fluoride treatment.

You will be delighted with your new smile, and your teeth will get even whiter over the next few days. The effects of Zoom! whitening can last for several years, but this will depend on aftercare and individual lifestyle choices.

Take Home Whitening With Zoom!

You may prefer the flexibility of whitening your teeth at home, by wearing whitening trays filled with advanced formula Zoom! gel that reduces sensitivity and helps to rebuild enamel.

Dr. Gomez will take impressions of your teeth and gums. Custom-built trays, that will prevent the whitening gel from coming into contact with lips and gums, will be created for you to wear at home. You will be directed how long you need to wear the trays – usually for 30 minutes twice a day, or overnight.

Zoom! DayWhite treatment offers a gentle approach to whiteness for those with sensitive teeth, while NiteWhite provides the ultimate whitening effect while you sleep.

There are pros and cons to both In-Office and take-home Zoom! whitening treatments. Dr. Luis Gomez at Complete Dental Health, Coral Springs, Florida, is a highly experienced dentist who will be very happy to discuss your requirements with you. To book an appointment call Dr. Gomez on 954-228-2963

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