Tooth Replacement in Coral Springs

Teeth replacement can basically be done by two procedures. One being denture while the other one is dental implants.


basically refer to prosthetics or removable appliances that are used as a replacement for your missing teeth. This comes really handy when you have lost your teeth which might be due to many reasons like tooth decay, disease or injury. Dentures not only would help you to get your smile back but you would also be able to speak and eat wearing it with ease. They are basically made in such a way that they closely resemble your natural teeth.

Dental implants

On the other hand, dental implant refer to a titanium post which is positioned surgically beneath the gum line into the jawbone which enables the dentist to mount a bridge or replacement teeth in the given area. For getting a dental implant, you would need to have a healthy jawbones and gums so that they can support the post.

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What to choose?

Now that you have a brief knowledge about both dental implant as well as dentures, let us explore which one would be a better choice for you.

  • The basic concept of both dental implants and dentures is quite different from one another. People these days are preferring dental implants more over the denture. One of the main reasons behind this preference is quality. Dental implants have their root made up of titanium, which is one of the strongest metals, and this can give you enough impression about the quality of dental implants.

  • Dentures are basically the use of false teeth which might not be convenient for everyone. In case they are not secured properly, one might have to face embarrassment at the time of eating or talking in case the teeth get loose. Partial denture many a times also lead to tooth decay and infection in case they are not properly secured. Keeping all of these in mind, the use of dental implants come as a boon to us. They are very strong, do not face any decay and are convenient for all. Even though it cost a bit more compared to the dentures, but the investment is totally worth it.

  • However if you have weak gums or lesser jawbones, then dental implant would be a challenge for you. In those cases, some pre dental treatments are needed to be done and post that, if the dentist find your jawbone and gum to be suitable, then only you would be able to undergo a dental implant.

  • The best things about dental implants are that, once you do it, you would not have to think about replacing it. With the practice of good dental hygiene, you can sustain the implant for many years. It works great when done from Brentwood dental for people who have several teeth missing and with the help of one or two impact, your multiple replacement teeth support could be catered.

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