Dental Crowns in Coral Springs

Enhance Your Smile With A Crown
If one or more of your teeth are marring your otherwise attractive smile, then you may need a little assistance in the form of dental crowns. Also known as a cap, a crown is a method of restoring a tooth to strengthen it, re-shape it, and generally improve its appearance.

Crowns can help restore a tooth which has been damaged or is decayed badly and which doesn’t have sufficient tooth left to hold a filling. They can also be used to cover teeth that are misshapen or badly discolored. In addition, crowns are used to attach dental bridges, strengthen a weak tooth, and repair a tooth that is broken. Finally, crowns are also used to top dental implants. So, you can see they really are incredibly versatile.


How Crowns are Made

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials, but typically an all-ceramic crown would be used for a prominent front tooth, whereas a mixture of porcelain and metal would be used for a back molar, which is out of view but requires more strength.

Getting a dental crown generally requires two visits to the dental office — the first to prepare the tooth and the second to fit the custom-made crown. Carried out in just a few stages, the procedure is relatively quick and painless since a local anesthetic will normally be given.

First, any decay is removed from the tooth, and it’s shaped so that the crown will fit.

Then an impression is taken of the tooth and neighboring teeth in order that the dental laboratory can fabricate the crown

You’ll be given a temporary acrylic crown to wear while you wait for your permanent crown to be created. Within about two weeks, you’ll be asked back to have your temporary crown removed and your permanent one fitted

It will be cemented securely in place and checked for accuracy of spacing and an even bite.

Crowns should last for upwards of 15 years, and here at Complete Dental Health, we use Empress All Porcelain Crowns which give the very best results.

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