A dental veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain which is fitted to the front of a tooth using a strong dental cement. They are considered a cosmetic procedure No as they can be used to improve the color, shape and position of teeth, helping them look healthy and natural. Veneers can lighten or improve discolored teeth, make a chipped tooth look intact, and can be used to address small gaps when orthodontic braces are not appropriate.

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What is the process in having a veneer fitted?

As with any cosmetic procedure, the process for fitting a veneer starts with a consultation. At our Florida based practice, Complete Dental Heath in Coral Springs, Dr. Luis Gomez can assess and advise on whether veneers are the appropriate solution, and talk you through the process.

Following the consultation an appointment will be made for the preparation of the veneers, which will involve the removal of a thin layer of enamel from the tooth where the veneer is to be set. Approximately 5mm of enamel will be removed, comparative to the thickness of the veneer that will replace it, and a local anaesthetic may be used if video required to reduce any potential discomfort. When the tooth und has been prepared a mould is then taken to be sent to the dental laboratory where the veneer will be made. The veneer will be made with reference to a shade guide in order to match the color of the surrounding teeth, and in the interim period it is unlikely a temporary veneer will be needed on the tooth.

Once the veneer is made a further visit will be required for its fitting using a strong dental cement. The tooth wholesale nba jerseys will be cheap jerseys cleaned, polished and etched, allowing for a rougher surface that Caged strengthens the bond of the cement to the tooth. The veneer will be tested in place before it is permanently fitted in order to see if any adjustments are needed. Once in place further checks will be made to ensure that biting is wholesale nfl jerseys not an issue and feels comfortable with the surrounding teeth.

After the veneer is fitted

A veneer should last a number of years, though they can chip or break just like any other Totooth. However the normal recommended dental routine of brushing and flossing will help in their protection. Also a follow-up visit back to the dentist a couple of weeks after the fitting will likely be needed just to check that there has not Four been a response in the gums around the veneer. At this time the placement of the veneer can be checked once more to ensure it has set fine.

Dental veneers offer a solution to dental issues such as discolored teeth, chipped teeth and gaps. At Complete Dental Health in Coral Springs, Florida we can answer all your questions. To see if this is a solution that fits for you, call now on 954-228-2963 to make an appointment.

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