Migraine is such a pain in the head, literally. Migraine headaches simply referred to as migraines, consist of extreme throbbing headaches that can last for hours until days. There is no precise cause that research can pinpoint as the leading cause of this condition. Nevertheless, several factors, such as family history and lifestyle, can come into play when it comes to causing migraines.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is a prevalent condition that affects around 39 million people in the United States and around one billion people worldwide. Migraine spares no one and can even affect children.

What are the warning signs of migraine?

The signs of an oncoming migraine attack can occur a few days before the actual pain. These signs may include feelings of depression, irritability, food cravings, and constipated bowels. Once migraine begins, throbbing pain can be felt on both sides of the head. A person’s vision will blur, and they will be light-headed, even to the point of vomiting. Sensitivity to light and sound may also be experienced.

The necessary facts about migraine

  • The disabling symptoms of migraine can occur even if head pain is not present.
  • Some people may believe that a migraine is a severe form of headache. However, migraine is more than just a terrible headache. Migraine is ranked as the 6th disabling illness in the world. A large percentage of people who suffer from migraine attacks cannot work or function properly when experiencing the symptoms.
  • Migraine diminishes a person’s quality of life. It has been reported that people with migraine are commonly anxious, susceptible to depression, and have sleep disturbances. Unfortunately, more than half of people suffering from migraine are never diagnosed.
  • Bruxism, the condition of abnormal teeth grinding and jaw clenching is linked to migraines. The act of unregulated teeth grinding carries a type of pain that reaches the skull. On the other hand, jaw clenching impacts the trigeminal nerve system and changes how it interacts with the brain. When the trigeminal nerve is irritated, it releases chemicals to protect itself from further stimulation. The chemical released affects the sinuses and the brain, triggering a migraine attack.

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