crack teeth

There is no doubt that your teeth are strong. However, accidents do happen. Your teeth can chip, break or crack in a variety of different ways. This includes falling, biting down on a hard food, being hit in sports, or even having a tooth weakened by cavities. When this happens, you may not even feel any pain if the crack is minor. On the contrary, if there is a larger crack, this can be quite painful. Either way, a crack in your tooth can interfere with your daily life. Learn what to do if you experience this kind of dental emergency in Coconut Creek FL.

Stop the Pain

The first thing to do when you crack your tooth is to stop the pain and discomfort. This pain may only be noticeable when eat or drink any hot or cold substance. First, rinse your mouth with warm water. This will clean your mouth and the cracked tooth area. Next, apply a cold washcloth or rag to your face. This can help stop swelling and keep the area more comfortable.

Who to Call for a Dental Emergency in Coconut Creek FL

If you crack your tooth, go and see a dentist as soon as possible. There are a variety of different ways your tooth can crack. The treatment depends on how the tooth is cracked. Additionally, the location and extent of the crack will determine the outcome. Only a qualified dentist will know how to treat your dental emergency. For the best care in a dental emergency in Coconut Creek FL, contact Complete Dental Health. Our experts are here to help you stop the pain and help your mouth heal quickly.

crack teeth

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