One of the most sought-after dental restorations nowadays is dental implants. For people who suffer from edentulism (being toothless to some degree), it is possible that a family member or a friend has recommended the said service as a solution. Although there are other options fitted for the job, more and more people nowadays prefer dental implants. Curious what makes it highly in-demand? Let us at Complete Dental Health share some fascinating facts about implants that make it the ideal answer to tooth loss.

Goodbye to cavities

Patients are assured that after having their lost teeth restored with implants, they no longer have to deal with toothaches caused by cavities. However, this does not mean that they can slack with their oral hygiene. Other remaining healthy teeth can still get cavities, and the supporting oral structures (gums and jawbone) should be maintained as well.

Long-lasting is an understatement

Unlike with the traditional options, dental implants are the most long-lasting. But, not just for 5 to 10 years more. If the patient takes care of the dental restoration by performing proper oral hygiene and scheduling routine visits, the said teeth replacement can even last for a lifetime!

Less painful

Most people think that the placement of implants would cause unbearable pain. But what they do not know is, the precision when inserting the post to the jawbone makes it less painful than they imagine. Besides, sedation options can be utilized to make it a more comfortable and relaxed procedure throughout.

As strong as spaceships

Believe it or not, implant posts are made from the same material NASA uses for spaceships—titanium!

Strengthens the jawbone

Keeping the jaw healthy is imperative since it plays a crucial role in making sure that natural teeth and dental implants stay in place. The good news is, when implants are inserted, they do more than just keep these bones in shape. Thanks to osseointegration, the fusion of the implant post and the bone, the jaw becomes stronger due to its growth.

Offers a good outcome

The good news is most people who consider dental implants are qualified for the procedure. Although the success rate usually varies, expect that it is high for every patient even after ten years.

With all these fascinating facts about dental implants provided, are you still thinking twice in giving it a go?
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