Dental implants are a popular means of replacing one or more missing teeth. They consist of an artificial, metal root that is placed into the jaw and topped with a custom-made crown. Dental implants in Coral Springs are a great option for both aesthetics and functionality, as they look and feels like natural teeth and require no special care. Unlike with natural teeth, decay cannot occur with implants.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Dental Implant?

When you consider receiving dental implants, your dentist will do an initial consultation. At this time, x-rays will be done and molds will be taken of your teeth. Then, your dentist determines if dental implants are the best treatment for you.

After your dentist decides you are a suitable candidate for implants, a titanium screw will be placed into the jawbone. Afterward, a process of fusion between the bone and implant known as osseointegration must occur, which can take up to 6 months.

After a period of healing, the artificial tooth is attached to the implant screw. The tooth will have been matched in color and size to your natural teeth during healing.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Implants have an edge on other tooth replacement options, as they can preserve gum and bone health while being used to replace a single lost tooth or multiple. They are also just as stable as natural teeth and will not cause the remaining surrounding teeth to won’t shift or loosen. Unlike other teeth replacements, they also have the capability to last an entire lifetime.

Get Your Dental Implants in Coral Springs

Dental Implants

Choosing to not replace missing teeth can negatively impact your oral and general health, as well as distort facial structure. Prevent these issues by contacting Complete Dental Health. For both general and restorative dentistry, we have the expertise and care to get you smiling.

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