Roots canals rescue teeth that can’t heal on their own due decay, injury, or severe infection from a deep cavity. During a root canal procedure, the root canal and infection are removed in order to prevent a range of complications, including tooth loss, bone loss, and abscessing of the tooth. Keep reading to learn how your dentist near Coral Springs can save your tooth with a root canal.

What causes teeth to become infected in the first place?

Dental pulp decay and infected nerves can be from a number of reasons, including:

  • Large cavities

  • Cracks or chips in teeth

  • Repeated deep procedures on the same tooth

  • Facial trauma

  • Clenching or grinding teeth

How is a root canal performed?

The procedure starts with your dentist applying a local anesthetic. Then, an opening is made in the tooth crown. Dental files are used to remove the inflamed pulp and nerve and the empty space left behind is filled with a permanent material. Finally, a permanent crown is placed over the tooth.

Root canals aren’t as bad as they are usually made out to be. Their reputation for being painful is undeserved, with most patients finding them no worse than getting a regular filling. Moreover, your dentist can keep you comfortable throughout the procedure with nitrous oxide gas, sedation dentistry, or local numbing.

When should I talk to a dentist near Coral Springs about a root canal?

root canal

If you have tooth sensitivity or the type of tooth pain that prevents you from sleeping or wakes you up at night, it is time to call a dentist. Teeth that become discolored or a recurring pimple on your gum are also signs that a root canal could be in order. If any of these conditions apply to you,contact Complete Dental Health today.

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