Invisalign Dentist in Coconut Creek, FL – Ditch Brackets and Wires

Our Invisalign Dentist in Coconut Creek & Coral Springs Florida says that metal braces are famous for their remarkable teeth straightening power. They are the traditional option for those who want to correct their teeth and bite. Despite the orthodontic appliance being a conventional alternative, it is still used by many even today. There is no question about the effectiveness of metal braces. What concerns people most is the design, components, and materials used for this type of oral device.

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The Downsides Of Metal Braces

Before you commit to traditional braces, here are some things to consider first:

  • The brackets and wires of the device are the number one reason why people usually hesitate to straighten their teeth traditionally. They are bulky, hard to clean, and aesthetically unpleasant.

  • The components of metal braces are cemented on the teeth, which means that the wearer needs to bear with the food particles being stuck when eating.

  • Decalcification is more likely to occur to patients with braces. White spots may appear in the teeth if the person fails to brush and floss regularly.

  • The burden heightens during the monthly adjustments associated with metal braces. After tightening the wires, soreness and discomfort are present, to the point where a person may find it troubling to eat or chew foods.

The Solution: Invisalign

Teeth straightening procedure should not be a hassle. Metal braces are not your only option – Invisalign is all that every orthodontic patient needs! Brackets and wires are eliminated and replaced with clear, invisible aligners. These transparent tray-like appliances are removable and superb when it comes to comfortability. Although no metals are present in the aligner, it effectively moves the teeth gradually into their proper position. The result of Invisalign is a perfectly straight smile. Plus, patients are not anymore obliged to go back to the dental office every month for adjustments as the dentist gives the trays in sets and sequence.

Complete Dental Health is happy to provide you with Invisalign treatment in Coconut Creek, FL! If you want to own a straight smile without dealing with a mouthful of metals, removable clear aligners are right for you!

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