Eating right for your dental health is vitally important for maintaining healthy teeth. Dr. Luis Gomez at his Complete Dental Health practice in Coral Springs, Florida, advises his patients to consider the following four dietary tips to keep their teeth in tip top condition:

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1. Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor and dentist away!

There are many benefits of eating apples; they are packed full of health-improving nutrients, but did you know that the act of eating a crunchy apple can actually help to clean your teeth and gums and reduce the incidence of cavities? Chewing the apple stimulates saliva production, which further reduces the ability of harmful bacteria to reproduce in your mouth.

2. Eat cheese or a dairy-based product after a main meal

Cheese is low in sugar and packed full of calcium and phosphorous that infiltrates the layer of plaque that forms on the teeth after eating and help to re-mineralise the teeth and counteract erosion. Cheese and dairy products are alkaline foods that neutralise the harmful effects of acid foods and drinks on the teeth.

3. Water is best; avoid fizzy drinks and tea and coffee

Drinking large amounts of tea and coffee can damage your teeth by staining them yellow and brown if left untreated. To avoid such unsightly staining, try and limit the amount of caffeine-based drinks you have in a day, and try and clean your teeth as soon as possible. Visiting your dentist for regular deep-cleans is essential.

Using a straw to drink fizzy drinks, such as cola, that is highly damaging to damage teeth, is also considered good practice as the straw means that less of the liquid actually comes into direct contact with the teeth.

4. Try and avoid foods that stick to your molars.

Foods that are sticky and cling to the cracks and crevices of your back teeth are very bad for your dental health, particularly acid-producing sugary foods. Try and avoid hard candy foods, such as lollipops and toffees, cakes, doughnuts, French Fries and dried fruit. Chewing a sugar-free gum after eating sticky foods is a good way of reducing the risk of decay.

For more information about how to look after your teeth and about the latest dental treatment, call Dr. Luis Gomez on 954-228-2963 today too book your appointment for a personal consultation.

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