Smiling with an exposed tooth root, for some, is unattractive. The exposed root, aside from being a terrible accessory to smiles, causes pain and generates sensitivity to hot and cold drinks. This is caused by the slow process of gum recession. Most of the time, people have no idea that this is happening to them. This will lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Fortunately, we at Complete Dental Health offer soft tissue graft. This procedure is done to reconstruct the gums and end one’s suffering. Soft tissue grafts are available for both cosmetic and gum restorative reasons.

How to prepare for a soft tissue graft surgery?

Talk with the dentist first and consider all the available options. Having them walk a patient through the procedure gives the patient a general idea of what to expect. The preparation for the surgery is minimal. However, it is good to have a family member drive the patient home after the procedure for safety measures. This is because the initial discomfort and numbness brought on by the surgery might affect the patient if they drive themselves back home.

What to expect during the healing process?

The patient will have a wound in their mouth for at least a week so they can expect numbness and bleeding at first. When it comes to pain, the first two days following the surgery will be the toughest and swelling will peak on the third day before it goes down. Eating on the affected side of the mouth is highly discouraged, so the patient should wait for at least a week to use that area when eating again. The dentist will most likely instruct the patient to avoid eating foods that irritate the mouth, such as hot soup or spicy food.

A visit to the dental office must be done after the first week so the dentist can check the progress with healing. But, know that the full effects of the surgery will follow in a few more weeks. The patient will then notice changes in the appearance of their gums and also its tightness and firmness.

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