Dr. Luis Gomez at Complete Dental Health in Coral Springs, Florida and his efficient, caring team will be delighted to help you improve or maintain a great smile. Here, we review some popular choices.

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Orthodontic work to align teeth typically starts in childhood or the early teenage years, to provide optimal results. Adults can also have successful treatment and recent advances now mean that a metal smile is not the only option – tooth-coloured plastic brackets are also available. These are equally effective in straightening crowded or crooked teeth to give an improved appearance, along with good dental hygiene. Removable aligners or invisible braces such as Invisalign are another alternative for smaller adjustments.


Whitening is a very effective way to brighten a smile. Before considering a whitening treatment, check your dentist’s advice to see which in-office or home-based procedure will give best results, if appropriate.


For badly shaped teeth, crowns are a good option to create or restore an aesthetically pleasing look. If well done, a crown also helps to improve the strength of tooth. Additionally, they can be used together with a dental bridge to strengthen a weak tooth and protect it against possible fracture, or even to restore a broken tooth – providing that any damage is not below the gum line.


This is also a highly effective way to brighten a smile. A veneer is a thin shell fixed to the front of the tooth, after removing a small amount of enamel from its front surface. Impressions of your teeth are taken before the work begins, with the aim of providing a whiter yet quite natural looking result, similar to the original.


Bonding offers another method of restoring the tooth’s natural look. Material such as is porcelain and resin is bonded directly to the tooth enamel and dentine. This results in a structure that looks good aesthetically and is reasonably strong. As a cosmetic dental solution, bonding treatments are usually appropriate for minor repairs such as chipped corners of teeth, etc. The result may be less long lasting than a crown, which is recommendable for larger repairs.

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