Brushing your teeth is the single and most effective way to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. In turn, this can help to mitigate the chances of developing gingivitis, gum disease and cavities in the future. Still, many individuals are unaware of how to correctly brush their teeth. So, it is important to look at a few key methods to keep in mind.


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Time is Important

In this sense, we are referring to two variables. You should brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day; once in the morning and once again in the evening. Use a brush with soft bristles as opposed to stiff ones, as these can actually damage your gums. Additionally, make sure to replace the toothbrush once the bristles have become flattened. These will no longer be effective at removing excess food from the crevices between your teeth.

Proper Positioning and Methods

The brush should be placed at a forty-five degree angle in relation to the gums. The strokes should be no longer than the width of a tooth (short and fast movements). All surfaces of the teeth should be addressed. These include the inner and outer portions as well as the surfaces which are intended for chewing. To clean the inside (back) of the teeth, it is best to make short and vertical strokes.

Toothpaste is Important

One of the most critical factors is to make sure that the toothpaste is approved by the relevant accredited body (such as the American Dental Association). The paste must also contain fluoride, as this is a powerful preventative chemical which will help to stave off tooth decay.

Not the Teeth Alone…

It is a lesser-known fact that the tongue is host to a considerable amount of bacteria. During each brushing, make sure to scrub the surface of the tongue as well. This will also contribute to fresher breath.

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