Not sure how to handle your young child’s dental health? Take a long at these tips when thinking about when to bring your youngster to a kids dentist in Coral Springs.

Child’s Dental Health

Before Teeth Erupt – Use a soft gauze pad to gently wipe your baby’s gums after every feeding. You can also ease the pain of teething with a wet gauze pad or a cool teething ring.

After the first Tooth – The lower two front teeth are usually the first to erupt. Teeth typically begin to appear between 6-12 months. It’s a good idea to see a kids dentist in Coral Springs after your child’s first tooth erupts, but no later than the first birthday. All 20 baby teeth should erupt by age 3.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Decay can happen as soon as teeth erupt. Therefore, if your child walks around with a sippy cup or goes to bed with a bottle, it should only contain water. Liquids like juice, milk, and formula have sugar that will accumulate around teeth.

Encouraging Healthy Habits – Brush your child’s teeth after meals with a soft-bristled brush and water as soon as they erupt. Also, talk to your dentist about the use of fluoride and the proper toothpaste to use. Teaching your child about flossing early on is also a good idea, and will help them be more apt to do it on their own once able. Provide a wholesome, nutritious diet that is low in added sugars will help your child’s teeth to stay healthy, as well.

Losing Baby Teeth – Children typically start to lose teeth around age 6. Upper and lower front teeth are the first to go, while second molars may not be lost until age 12. There’s no need to worry about wisdom teeth coming in until around ages 17-21.

Is It Time for Your Child to Visit a Kids Dentist in Coral Springs? Can a kid’s dentist in Coral Springs help babies?

Kids Dentist

In order for children to grow up with strong healthy teeth, they need educating in dental care from as early an age as possible. Parents that promote good oral care at home can show their children that caring for their teeth is a great habit to have.

Proper dental care at home will also keep dental visits positive. At Complete Dental Health, children are important to us. Our friendly staff will take special care of your child and make sure that your at-home regimen and our experience work together for your child’s best results. For gentle, effective treatment of your child’s smile, contact Complete Dental Health to book an appointment.

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