An extraction is an oral surgery performed by a dentist which includes the complete removal of a tooth. The procedure may be performed for a wide range of reasons. However, your oral surgeon in Coral Springs will make every effort to save your tooth before resorting to extracting it.

Sometimes, a tooth may be extracted because it is cracked or broken beyond repair, severely decayed, or lost to advanced gum disease or infection. On the hand, an extraction is sometimes necessary for other oral treatments. For example, a tooth may need to be removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment, as a result of wisdom teeth eruption, or for denture wearing.

What is the Aftercare for an Extraction?

Following the extraction procedure, you may experience some slight discomfort or pain. This is common as anesthesia wears off after surgery. Some facial swelling is normal, as well. For pain and swelling, you can apply an ice pack to the outside of the cheek. However, warm compresses will help decrease soreness and stiffness in the jaw.

It is also important that you only eat soft foods for the first few days following an extraction. Then, you can add firmer foods as you start to heal. After 24 hours, you can gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water to keep the area clean. Additionally, do not drink through a straw, spit, or smoke after surgery. These actions can disturb the blood clot helping your extraction site heal.

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Where Can I Find an Oral Surgeon in Coral Springs?

If you think you may need an extraction, it is important not to put off getting your tooth checked out. Although getting a tooth extracted may seem a bit frightening, Complete Dental Health can make your experience with oral surgery as comfortable as possible. For the dental care and expertise you deserve, contact us today!

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