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Many people are familiar with the term root canal. They associate this dental procedure with pain and discomfort. However, root canal therapy should not be something to avoid. Thanks to modern dental technology, root canal therapy can be comfortable and effective. Learn about root canal therapy and the signs that indicate you may need a root canal in Coconut Creek FL.

Tooth Anatomy

Not many people know what creates the need for root canal therapy. This dental procedure is necessary when the root of a tooth is infected or damaged. The root, or pulp, of a tooth, can become infected when a tooth is decaying, cracking, broken, or experiencing any other injury. To save the tooth and prevent dental decay, a dentist removes the infected pulp. Next, the dentist will seal up a tooth to protect it from damage in the future.

Signs of an Infected Tooth

There can be many situations that cause the root of a tooth to become infected. If you have a crack in your tooth, deep dental decay, fractured teeth, or an oral injury, you may need a root canal. Some signs of a tooth root infection include pain in your tooth, especially when eating hot or cold food and sweets. Contact a dentist if you experience spontaneous pain throughout the day that continues to get worse.

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An Effective Root Canal in Coconut Creek FL

If you think you have an infected root of your tooth, seek treatment right away. Contact Complete Dental Health for a root canal in Coconut Creek FL. Dr. Luis Gomez can assess your situation and recommend the right treatment for a healthy smile.

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