Having your missing teeth replaced with natural-looking modern dentures may be the best decision that you have made in your entire life. You can now speak with full confidence without distorting the “s” sound. No longer will you look unapproachable and intimidating because a complete set of teeth will push you to smile willingly. Eating will not be a hassle too! But these, however, are not possible with wobbly dentures.

Unsteady dentures are like rocking chair in the mouth. The good news is, you don’t have to bear with this type of oral device nowadays. Here at Complete Dental Health, we can provide you with Denture Stabilization services. Our dental professional makes use of dental implants to keep the restorative appliance stable.

Why Traditional Dentures Need Dental Implants?

For many years, people used to restore lost teeth using dentures. Nevertheless, the wearers’ experiences with traditional dentures were not always ideal. The oral appliance has known to have different disadvantages which include:

  • Dentures tend to slip

  • The oral device create painful chewing sores

  • Traditional dentures produce noise when eating or speaking

  • Less chewing power

  • Jaw bone deterioration

Thankfully, with the emergence of denture stabilization, all these irregularities can be eliminated fully.

Denture Stabilization: How It Works?

Denture Stabilization is a practical solution for loose dentures. The dental professional utilizes dental implants and places them in the patient’s jaw bone using a surgical method, which will then followed by the attachment of the oral device to the implants. In return, the dentures will stay in place even without the help of an adhesive.

But before the procedure is done, the dentist will first evaluate the patient’s condition. Also, the denture will be assessed to see if it is still in good shape. Once qualified to undergo denture stabilization treatment, the dental professional will then begin the placement process.

It is indeed wise to opt for dentures to aid missing teeth. But isn’t it more favorable if you have steady, comfortable, and well-fitting dental restoration? Think about denture stabilization now!

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