Top 5 Foods to Damage Your Teeth by Our Coral Springs Dentist

  • Foods to Damage Your Teeth

Here, we review the worst five foods to damage our teeth. Worth reading to save an unnecessary trip to the dentist!

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Is it crunchy?

Apples and carrots can crack fragile teeth and fillings or sealants, so it is recommended to cut them into bite size pieces first. Anything that makes a crunching sound when eaten, such as crisps or potato chips, can be a possible source of damage.

Candy and chocolate

Put quite simply, chewing hard candy can literally break teeth. Take care with very cold chocolate too – in one story, a scientist visiting Antarctica bit on a piece of unexpectedly frozen chocolate and broke a tooth. Damage occurs more slowly when sticky candy or dried fruit stick to teeth, where their sugary content does no good.

Processed white bread – with sugar?

Some bread actually contains sugar and often gets stuck behind or between teeth, where its corrosive action continues.

Fruit and salad – always healthy?

Did you know that amongst other ingredients, salad dressings contain sugar and vinegar for extra flavor? Clearly, salad should be a staple part of our diet – but dressings are often not ‘tooth-friendly’! Pickled vegetables with vinegar can also cause decay. Citrus fruit such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit contain important vitamins and nutrients, not least Vitamin C – so it clearly forms part of a healthy, balanced diet. However, the acidic part can also be harmful to tooth enamel; it is advisable to rinse or clean your teeth afterwards.

Acidic drinks

A number of drinks can damage teeth. Soda contain acids that weaken and rot enamel. Even diet versions which contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, still contain harmful acidic chemicals. White wine is also quite acidic. Coffee and tea, which contain caffeine, can leave the mouth dry – definitely not beneficial to healthy teeth as acids become more concentrated with less saliva. These drinks also stain the teeth so should be avoided if you want your smile to stay bright.

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