When migraine attacks, a disabling pain follows. Surprisingly, teeth grinding may be to blame for an excruciating headache and pulsating sensation that you feel, particularly on the side of your head.

Teeth grinding or medically known as “bruxism” is a disorder in which a person unconsciously grinds or clenches their teeth. The condition distributes discomfort to the other areas in the skull. Complications like jaw or head pain and migraine that usually occurs in the morning are triggered as a result. Moreover, bruxism also affects the trigeminal nerve system, aggravating migraines. When this nerve feels a need for protection against any possible damage, it begins to activate and get irritated. This response then allows the nerve to let out a chemical that can cause swelling. Along with the stimulation of a migraine, a person may as well experience a toothache, earache, and sore shoulders.

Treatment For Migraines Is Available!

Visiting a dentist can help you mend migraine headaches. As mentioned above, the condition can stem from teeth grinding, and we at Complete Dental Health believe that our NTI Tension Suppression System is the solution to the problem. This type of treatment is non-surgical and drug-free! Patients can enjoy the benefit that the oral device has to offer without compromising their safety.

The NTI oral appliance is reliable, effective, and has no side effects. Not to mention that the NTI Tension Suppression System is known to reduce the pain felt by migraine sufferers for up to 77% during the first eight weeks of wear! If you are interested in the treatment, talk to us at Complete Dental Health right away.

Aside from the assistance of a professional, you can try doing these tips to relieve a migraine:

  • Consider massaging your temples to promote circulation.

  • Exercising is one best way to soothe the pain brought by a migraine. Aerobics helps ease stress and regulates blood flow.

  • Inhale lavender essential oil for 15 minutes to alleviate severe headaches.

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